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Dusk Rangers redone by Toaoflight3690 Dusk Rangers redone :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 11 10
PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Chapter 16
Chapter 16, The Alliance
Aboard the aircraft, Savior looks over the situation in a panic.  “Ok, my army has the city overrun,” he says, “six out of nine Rangers got here before the field was put up, which means they can’t call for reinforcements.  Next thing I knew, Team Omega is working with the Rangers to defeat my army.  The two forces are formidable, but few in numbers, meaning that the enemy would eventually be overrun.  But now I find out that there’s a slight flaw in the set up.  The other three Rangers enter the city by coming through a portal outside of it.  And they brought with them not just any Pokémon, but the Legendary Weather Trio, the ancient masters of land, sea, and sky.  There’s no way my army can beat those old monsters.  I better order the troops to retreat; otherwise I won’t have an army to lead much longer.”
“Sir, incoming message,” says one of the crew member
:icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 5 18
Big News by Toaoflight3690 Big News :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 13 29 Devin's Design Update by Toaoflight3690 Devin's Design Update :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 11 30
PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Chapter 15
Chapter 15, The Reinforcements
The battle in Elmore continues to escalate.  The Rangers and Team Omega are completely surrounded by enemy soldiers.  But even with the odds against them, they don’t back down.  They fight with everything they’ve got.
“I’ve never seen so many Inorbit Soldiers!” shouts Slammer as she fires off her gun.  “They’re everywhere!”
“We’re well aware of that!” comments Dustin as he side kicks a soldier.  “We have to cover each other’s backs, or will be completely overrun!”
As Nicole keeps shooting from the convenience store, she notices a soldier firing a missile her way.  “HIT THE DECK!!!!” she shouts.  Everyone drops to the floor, and the missile hits the ground near the store, causing debris to fly through the windows.
Killer, unaware of the battle taking place, remains unfazed.  “I’m gonna get a refill,” he s
:icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 7 20
Run, Frosty, RUN!!!! by Toaoflight3690 Run, Frosty, RUN!!!! :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 9 25 AT: Devin meets Nova by Toaoflight3690 AT: Devin meets Nova :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 9 45 Richard's Captain Underpants costume by Toaoflight3690 Richard's Captain Underpants costume :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 22 33 Darwin's Monkey costume by Toaoflight3690 Darwin's Monkey costume :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 13 6 Gumball's Freakazoid costume by Toaoflight3690 Gumball's Freakazoid costume :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 9 10 Devin's Darkwing Duck costume by Toaoflight3690 Devin's Darkwing Duck costume :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 8 24
PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Chapter 14
Chapter 14, The Primal
Back in Elmore, the Rangers and Team Omega slowly make their way to the shopping center.  The Wattersons are still being protected within the circle that is formed.  The Inorbit Soldiers persist in their attack while the Power Rangers continue to fend them off.
Two ground soldiers stealthily approach the group, ready to attack.  Dan puts his elemental power of Metal to work.  He reaches out to a nearby car.  The hood flies off and soars toward the soldiers.  Unable to move quickly enough to escape, the metal hood wraps itself tightly around them.  They fall to the ground and roll away in their metal capsule.
Dan enjoys his victory as he says, “That’s one way to hit the road!”  The Rangers and Team Omega groan at the cheesy pun.  “Yeah, I agree.  That joke needs a little work,” he admits.
Another troop of Inorbit Soldiers arrives to give battle to the team.  Dustin, powering up hi
:icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 8 38
Sea Chicken Attack by Toaoflight3690 Sea Chicken Attack :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 8 34 Han Solo's death by Toaoflight3690 Han Solo's death :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 6 25
PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Chapter 13
Chapter 13, The Revealing
In the human world, Devin, Adam and Beki walk out of a restaurant after having lunch.
“Oh man, a series of Pokémon battles and then lunch at my favorite restaurant!” exclaims Devin.  “This day can’t get any better!”
“Let’s hope so,” says Beki, under her breath.
“Well, this was great and all,” says Devin, “but I think it’s about time we head back.”
“No, no, no, we don’t need to do that,” says Beki, “there’s much more we can do today.”
“I appreciate you two doing all this to get me out of my depression,” says Devin, “but we need to stay ahead of our game and be ready for trouble.”
“We know, Devin,” says Adam.  “But if there really is trouble, Prof. Oak will contact us like he always does.  So until then, we should have some more fun to keep your mind off things.  Better safe than sorr
:icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 4 14
Family Forever by Toaoflight3690 Family Forever :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 9 12

Random Favourites

Art Trade: The Mistake by NeoNimbus526 Art Trade: The Mistake :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 15 17 Try to Draw - The OCs V2 by RifkiTheAmateur Try to Draw - The OCs V2 :iconrifkitheamateur:RifkiTheAmateur 19 46 H-BDAY Devin!!!! by TheCngStarfoxTeam H-BDAY Devin!!!! :iconthecngstarfoxteam:TheCngStarfoxTeam 1 2 Try to Draw - The OCs by RifkiTheAmateur Try to Draw - The OCs :iconrifkitheamateur:RifkiTheAmateur 15 17 The OCs + Point Blank = ...??? by RifkiTheAmateur The OCs + Point Blank = ...??? :iconrifkitheamateur:RifkiTheAmateur 11 13 AT: The Interrogation. The Mistake by TheCngStarfoxTeam AT: The Interrogation. The Mistake :iconthecngstarfoxteam:TheCngStarfoxTeam 2 1 Merry Christmas 2015 Feliz Navidad 2015 by TheCngStarfoxTeam Merry Christmas 2015 Feliz Navidad 2015 :iconthecngstarfoxteam:TheCngStarfoxTeam 1 1 We're Good Akatsuki Members by RifkiTheAmateur We're Good Akatsuki Members :iconrifkitheamateur:RifkiTheAmateur 11 11 Richard is eating a lot at Christmas~ by tooni-pi Richard is eating a lot at Christmas~ :icontooni-pi:tooni-pi 30 7 Anais is ready for Christmas~ by tooni-pi Anais is ready for Christmas~ :icontooni-pi:tooni-pi 55 7 Gumball is ready for Christmas~ by tooni-pi Gumball is ready for Christmas~ :icontooni-pi:tooni-pi 46 4 Darwin is ready for Christmas~ by tooni-pi Darwin is ready for Christmas~ :icontooni-pi:tooni-pi 52 5 Nicole is ready for Christmas~ by tooni-pi Nicole is ready for Christmas~ :icontooni-pi:tooni-pi 45 6 Nicole Stamp by Emme2589 Nicole Stamp :iconemme2589:Emme2589 7 0 AT: Toaoflight3690 (Nicole hugging Victini) by CloudyZu AT: Toaoflight3690 (Nicole hugging Victini) :iconcloudyzu:CloudyZu 21 23 Nicole by tooni-pi Nicole :icontooni-pi:tooni-pi 33 6


Dusk Rangers redone
I have been suffering some serious writer's block while writing the next chapter of The Mistake.  So I decided to do another redone drawing.  This one featuring someone that many of you may not remember me posting before.  The Dusk Rangers.

Now to recap on now these Rangers came to be.  A Shadow Pokémon (one of which has yet to be identified) was sent to collect samples of each Pokéball Rangers' elemental power, which he or she does while battling them.  By fusing his dark power to them, Lord Dark-R uses the samples to create evil clones of the Power Rangers Pokéball known as the Dusk Rangers.  They posses the same powers and abilities as their real counterparts, except for one thing, where the Pokéball Rangers' elemental powers are link to light, the Dusk Rangers' are link to darkness.  In fact, being link to darkness makes them very dangerous, because they cast away, honor, moral ways, and the value of life, all things that true Power Rangers stand for.

So there you have it, a better drawing of the Dusk Rangers than my original one.  I will keep trying to get out of this writer's block and finish The Mistake, so enjoy this drawing in the meantime.

Power Rangers belongs to Saban Brands.  Pokémon belongs to :iconnintendoplz: and Game Freak.  The Dusk Rangers and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

Red Ranger Tribute
At long last, it's done.  In celebration of Power Ranger's 20th anniversary, I've drawn every Red Ranger up to date.  From Mighty Morphin' to Super Megaforce.  This includes the Quantum Ranger from Time Force and Crimson Ranger from Ninja Storm.  You may notice that I've also included myself as my fan made Red Ranger into this drawing, the Pokéball Red Ranger.

I also want to point out that I know the Red Rangers aren't drawn 100% perfect, I didn't intend to because I knew I wouldn't be able to.  I was focusing more on making them recognizable.  The only part I regret in my efforts is how the Mystic Force Red Ranger's Phoenix visor designed turn out.  I wish I could have done better, but it just wasn't easy to do.  So please don't make any comments about them not being perfect, just know I did my best and accept my efforts.

Update: I've added the Mystic Force Wolf Warrior, (I didn't add him before because I thought he was too hard to draw) and the newest Red Ranger who will make history like every Red Ranger before him.  The Dino Charge Red Ranger!
Update (8-16-15): As nontraditional as a female Red Ranger seems, and the fact that this team already has a Red Ranger, I can't stick with tradition any longer.  The Samurai Red Ranger has an older sister, who is also a Red Ranger, one of two female Red Rangers.  The other is another secondary Red Ranger from S.P.D, but she and her team joined forces with the bad guys, so she's unworthy to be a Ranger of any kind.  Anyway, Now this tribute features both the male and the female Samurai Red Rangers, brother and sister.  I'm sure you can tell which is which.  *Hint, you can't tell by looking at the helmets.*

Update 12-28-16: Added the new Ninja Steel Red Ranger!

Update 4/10/18: made the female Samurai Red Ranger taller.  (I couldn't get it to update the first few times I tried.)

All Canon Red Rangers and the Power Rangers Series belong to Saban brands.  Pokémon belongs to :iconnintendoplz:  The Pokéball Red Ranger and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

Silver Ranger Tribute
And last, but certainly not least, my tribute to all Silver Rangers!  Funny thing about the Silver Rangers, most of them here aren't named Silver, and those are the Titanium Ranger of Lightspeed Rescue, the  Lunar Wolf Ranger of Wild Force, Nova Ranger of S.P.D, Mercury Ranger of Operation Overdrive, and Robo Knight of Megaforce, he of course was the hardest to draw.  This also has my fan made Silver Ranger of Pokéball.  And so, that concludes the tributes in colors.  Who knows, maybe in the future, I'll do tributes of the Rangers I couldn't fit in, and maybe tributes of the full teams.  That would be cool.

Update 9-2-15: I've added the new Dino Charge Graphite Ranger!  I did post a journal regarding the fact that I needed help on how I should add the Graphite Ranger since he's the first and probably only gray colored Ranger.  And get this, I did not get one single comment from that journal, not even a comment that says that they'll think about it.  FEELING IGNORED HERE!!!!!  Anyway, I eventually got some help from someone I knew personally.  She said that the Graphite Ranger should go in the Silver Ranger category. even though his suit doesn't shine like silver, it's close enough.  So I went with that.  And Kyoryuger fans, I know that there's going to be an actual Dino Charge Silver Ranger coming at some point.  He'll be added here once he's been officially announced.

Update 10-4-16: Added the new Dino Charge Silver Ranger!

Update 4-8-18: Made S.P.D Nova and RPM Silver taller.

All canon Silver Rangers and Power Rangers belong to Saban Brands.  The Pokéball Silver Ranger and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

Blue Ranger Tribute
Here is yet another Power Ranger tribute, this time, of Blue Rangers.  This also includes the Ninja Storm, Navy Thunder Ranger, the Jungle Fury Shark Spirit Ranger, and my fan made Pokéball Blue Ranger.  Can anyone guess which color I'm going to do next?

Update: Added the new Dino Charge Blue Ranger.

Update 3/3/16: the latest Episode "Roar of the Red Ranger" debuted the Dino Charge Aqua Ranger.  And so he has been added to this tribute.

Update 12/29/16: Added the new Ninja Steel Blue Ranger!

Update 4/8/18: Made Ninja Storm Blue and Mystic Force Blue (who are the only female Blue Rangers) taller.

All Canon Blue Rangers and Power Rangers belong to Saban Brand.  Pokémon belongs to :iconnintendoplz:.  The Pokéball Blue Ranger and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

Pink Ranger Tribute
Here is my tribute to all known Pink Rangers up to date.  Most likely my only tribute that features only female Rangers.  And notice that my fan made Power Ranger team does not have a Pink Ranger, but then again, not every team has one.

Update: Added the new Dino Charge Pink Ranger.  Considering the Triceratops in both Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder were used by the Blue Rangers, I find it weird that this one is used by the Pink Ranger in Dino Charge.

Update 1/1/17 (about 20 or so minutes past 12/31/16): Rearranged so I could add the new Ninja Steel Pink Ranger!

Update 4/8/18 Made them all taller.

All of these Pink Rangers and Power Rangers belong to Saban Brands.




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Seeing that everyone else is doing it, or rather a few of my friends who I watch are doing it, I thought to myself, "Eh, why not?"

You know the drill.  Comment the names of any of my OC's, whether they are good or evil, and I will lay down five facts about then.  If I can only narrow it down to five that is.
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